The Top 3 Reasons Why People Suffer From Intimacy Issues

In a relationship, one of the most frequent causes of misunderstanding is the intimacy issue. One can be aloof and uncomfortable with it. Never think that it is because of you personally because intimacy issues often come along because of past experiences that they may have. Check out the top reasons why some people are having some problems with intimacy.

1. Past Rejection

It is not just about past relationships because past rejection can come from as far as childhood. If your partner had a bad experience of being rejected during his or her childhood days, it could be the reason why they are having problems with being intimate. I am not just telling about sexual encounters but also when it comes to opening up with what they are feeling.

2. Being misunderstood

Growing up with the people who often misunderstood the things you do can have some psychological effect on a person. Individuals who are often misunderstood have the tendency to be distrustful because they are tired of explaining things over and over again without anyone believing them. It can be the reason why an individual can be closed out when it comes to what they are feeling.

3. Child Abuse

You need to be cautious and extra understanding if your partner is someone who went through an abuse during his or her childhood. People who went through this kind of experience have the tendency to be detached to other people. With that being said, it is hard for them to open up.

If we notice that our partner have intimacy issues, it is for the best if we can sit down and have a talk. It may take a lot of understanding and patience, but it will all be worth it once they have let you in on their lives wholeheartedly.

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