The 4 Best Things To Talk About During First Dates

First dates are often awkward. It’s understandable because the two of you have no idea about each other. If that is the case, it’s hard to start a conversation because you wouldn’t know which ones are okay and which are the topics that might offend your date. You need to play safe, but it should not be the reason for any awkward moments. Here are the best things to talk about so we can avoid the dreaded silence on a first date.

1. Ask about his day at work

It is better than asking a simple how’s your day. If you ask about the great things that happened with his or her work, it can lead to a better conversation whereas you date will share some good and unforgettable stuff that is work related.

2. Vacation: Plans and Memories

It is the topic can lead to a lot more comfortable conversation. Of course, there’s a lot to share. Your date will get to think and remember those good days he or she spent for vacation. You will also have an idea about the kind of things they like to do during vacation. It’s a good approach to get to know a person better.

3. The Weekend Getaway

Discussion of weekend happenings can be more than just a good conversation. It’s because it can lead to something better like the two of you seeing each other again during the weekends doing something crazy and fun.

4. The Worst Date Experience

We have all heard that talking about the past relationship is not a good thing to talk about during first dates, but if you talk about the worst date experiences you have, it can lead to some funny things to talk about. The both of you can share some funny stories that will make you two at ease with each other.

Just let the conversation flow. It is the guaranteed way to have a smooth conversation without trying so hard.

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