Psychology Of The Man. Read Here!

So happened that God has created the man and the woman different.

We are different not only in physical, but also in the psychological plan. The psychology of relations has started to develop not so long ago. what to text a girl Its development promoted occurrence of new terms, which become every year more and more actual – psychology of the man and psychology of the woman.

Distinctions between the man and the woman in a greater degree are in influence of time, history of development of mankind. Each event has introduced the contribution, thanks to which we now such as we are. These distinctions do the man and the woman complementary, necessary one another. Those submissions, which are at women, help men to be realized. Those subconscious installations, which are at men, allow feeling to the woman happy.

From one side distinctions of the man and the woman draw, pull us together, from other – lead to misunderstanding, to complexities in relations and to conflicts. With what these complexities are connected? They are connected with absence of submissions about features not only an opposite sex, but also with not understanding of own features of behavior (as men or as women).

More often we do not understand ourselves. But if to have some submissions, it appears more mutual understanding, respect, sensibleness and acceptance. In a word, you can take one more step to improvement of relations in the couple. Can give the partner what he wants.

To understand the basic lines of psychology of the man, it is possible to address to history. Each nation had a concept of initiation. For example, in the Scandinavian tribes was considered that the boy becomes the man when he can protect himself. It meant that it was necessary for him to make some great deed, to go at war, protect a tribe, to execute something useful, to show that he is the man.

Existence of various tribes, the states, and systems has initially been created thanks to men. Necessity of the control of safety, a situation, which has been originally connected with a continuation of the family, in due course it was added with desire of structurization and creation of systems.

Tribe – system where there are elders, dear fathers. The birth in system with the laws formed submission about the world and style of behavior of the man. Accurate hierarchy, laws. To live and continue a generation, it was necessary for man to be strong, to be the first, to occupy any position in structure, to find internal harmony.

Apparently, the woman for the man was a part of system, which he protected from an external world. His interest has been directed, first of all in out of the world, but he was always near to the house, the structure that has been created for the woman, the future. The life of the man consists in constant development for there can be a loss of prospects, a paralysis. There is a task – it is necessary to find a task solution and to decide it. It is necessary to count all in advance.

Thus, from this it is possible to see some the basic lines of behavior of the man, who has appeared long before our era, and have generated in the order of subconsciousness psychology of the man.

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