Psychology Of Relations: Irritation.

Irritation – one of the most frequent emotions, which we face. Usually people try to hide such reaction behind a decency and education mask.

What is nature of this emotion? How is correctly to be irritated? And is it possible to win irritation and to become quieter person?

The irritation is a consequence of comprehension of discrepancy of our desires and our possibilities. If you have less possibility to get the wished, the irritation is stronger. It also concerns about getting your ex back. If you really want to save relations with your ex partner, find out how to calm down.

How is it possible to stop in time and not to show beginning irritation to associates? It is not necessary to kill in yourself boiling emotions. Otherwise one day all accumulated negative will turn to serious hurricane, destroying on the way everything what to you is dear.

To begin with it is necessary to look narrowly at the emotion. Frequently the irritation is just imposed to us by surrounding us during this moment people. On work it can be colleagues or a management, and at home the husband, always forgetting to switch off the light in a bathroom. In such a way associates simply reduce the negative emotions, which have been accumulated for day, on other people and improve own emotional background.

During the moment when in a soul arises irritation it is necessary to catch yourself on the reasons of occurrence of this unpleasant emotion. By the way, this moment is the most difficult as to steep in beginning to boil irritation is much easier, than to ask a question “And why am I irritated?”. It is necessary to answer the question further. Here it is necessary to be extremely fair most with yourself, only the naked truth will be the answer. And then on change to irritation will come the quiet understanding of occurring events.

At once I would like to say that nobody could catch himself on arising irritation from the first attempt. It is rather long and labor-intensive process.

The irritation comes unexpectedly and consequently, it is necessary to constitute in advance for yourself the small plan for development of own emotions. Nobody knows you better than you; therefore under condition of full honesty with yourself it is possible to modulate development of own emotions easily. In this situation it is not necessary to forget opinion of wise yogis and to make to 10 quiet breaths and exhalations. This time will allow your emotions not to calm down, but at least not to develop with usual precipitancy.

Recollect, in what occasion you were irritated the last time. Look at the irritation from the different sides. Think, what you wished to achieve being irritated in this or that situation, what you wished to show with irritation.

Only having learnt to control the irritation and to constrain it, you will be able to think about getting your ex back.

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