The 3 Signs That You Are Suffering From Emotional Abuse In A Relationship

A relationship between to two people should have all the ingredients to have a healthy kind of commitment. It’s just that not all couples are lucky to have that kind of connection. Some people are suffering from emotional abuse yet they don’t know it. Here are the signs that will tell you if a relationship is toxic enough that is creating a big impact in your emotional state.

1. Withholding Affections

It is not just about emotional but also on the physical side of the relationship. If your partner is someone who is making you beg just to have sex with him or her, is not healthy. It can have an impact on the emotional state of an individual. Here’s an example. A friend of mine was continuously trying to be intimate with her partner yet all he says is no. The worst part of that is he even stated that she thinks having sex is a chore. It broke her emotionally, and she felt the rejection.

2. The Guilt Game

If your partner is someone who always makes you feel guilty, it is considered emotional abuse. Even if you are committed to a relationship, you still have the rights to go out and see your friends. If the offending partner will tell you that you shouldn’t and making you choose which one is important, let go because he or she will lead you to nowhere.

3. Suicide Threats

We have all heard a lot about suicide threats if the relationship is falling into pieces. A good friend of mine cannot take all the emotional burden she is getting from her partner. She wanted a way out. The next thing his partner did is tell her that if she leaves him, he will commit suicide. It is another form of emotional abuse.

There are various things that we cannot see if we are in love. However, we have to remember that love should not be the reason to let anybody torture us emotionally.

The Top 3 Reasons Why People Suffer From Intimacy Issues

In a relationship, one of the most frequent causes of misunderstanding is the intimacy issue. One can be aloof and uncomfortable with it. Never think that it is because of you personally because intimacy issues often come along because of past experiences that they may have. Check out the top reasons why some people are having some problems with intimacy.

1. Past Rejection

It is not just about past relationships because past rejection can come from as far as childhood. If your partner had a bad experience of being rejected during his or her childhood days, it could be the reason why they are having problems with being intimate. I am not just telling about sexual encounters but also when it comes to opening up with what they are feeling.

2. Being misunderstood

Growing up with the people who often misunderstood the things you do can have some psychological effect on a person. Individuals who are often misunderstood have the tendency to be distrustful because they are tired of explaining things over and over again without anyone believing them. It can be the reason why an individual can be closed out when it comes to what they are feeling.

3. Child Abuse

You need to be cautious and extra understanding if your partner is someone who went through an abuse during his or her childhood. People who went through this kind of experience have the tendency to be detached to other people. With that being said, it is hard for them to open up.

If we notice that our partner have intimacy issues, it is for the best if we can sit down and have a talk. It may take a lot of understanding and patience, but it will all be worth it once they have let you in on their lives wholeheartedly.

The 4 Best Things To Talk About During First Dates

First dates are often awkward. It’s understandable because the two of you have no idea about each other. If that is the case, it’s hard to start a conversation because you wouldn’t know which ones are okay and which are the topics that might offend your date. You need to play safe, but it should not be the reason for any awkward moments. Here are the best things to talk about so we can avoid the dreaded silence on a first date.

1. Ask about his day at work

It is better than asking a simple how’s your day. If you ask about the great things that happened with his or her work, it can lead to a better conversation whereas you date will share some good and unforgettable stuff that is work related.

2. Vacation: Plans and Memories

It is the topic can lead to a lot more comfortable conversation. Of course, there’s a lot to share. Your date will get to think and remember those good days he or she spent for vacation. You will also have an idea about the kind of things they like to do during vacation. It’s a good approach to get to know a person better.

3. The Weekend Getaway

Discussion of weekend happenings can be more than just a good conversation. It’s because it can lead to something better like the two of you seeing each other again during the weekends doing something crazy and fun.

4. The Worst Date Experience

We have all heard that talking about the past relationship is not a good thing to talk about during first dates, but if you talk about the worst date experiences you have, it can lead to some funny things to talk about. The both of you can share some funny stories that will make you two at ease with each other.

Just let the conversation flow. It is the guaranteed way to have a smooth conversation without trying so hard.